Radio RUC News 25/6-2012

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Russeminar episode 2.

Day 2 of the russeminar of doom.

Clip 1: The mornings bring us new delights with people in the obvious hangover haze, anything can happen and as you can hear; we meet casper and hear about his previous night’s experiences followed by a crazy-legged man in tights spreading the joy!

Clip 2: A small outtake showing our concentration at a group activity to do with integrating next year’s international students with a great appearance made by Anne Löffler herself!

Clip 3 and 4: Party recordings giving us a detailed idea of what goes on and how people get along with it. The last 30 seconds a sweet red-haired lackey named Marie enlightens us about where she want’s to have her fun?



Radio RUC news 11/04-2012

Here it is, this weeks Radio RUC news!

In this short program Radio RUC covers a couple of upcoming parties, the excitement of the russeminar and a little more.  We here at Radio RUC have also been given the possibility to hand out work for Roskilde Festival, so hear the show for further details or just go on a limb and sign up at

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Vermouth Night!

Radio RUC brings you the perfect company to any night of boozing alone, with our easter special and night of Vermouth drinking.

In this program, dedicated to Lukas Beraki, you will follow 3 people on their adventure through a night of Vermouth drinking. Vermouth, the lovely beverage which makes any night a new thrilling experience is in this episode tested to the limit and the effects of Vermouth can be heard towards the end of the show. Throughout the program a row of topics are discussed such as, The French easter traditions and their dirtiest words ( portrayed through the lovely exchange student Laura) , Vermouth and its perfection,  strange experiences at RUC parties , harmonica and drunk whistling , Yelle and her pornographic lyrics , a wikipedia challenge ( from article Vermouth too Hitler), Paradise Hotel , Trent and his curls and much more accompanied by a couple of great songs.

We here at Radio RUC apologize to anyone offended by the show and blame it all on Vermouth.