Radio RUC news 11/04-2012

Here it is, this weeks Radio RUC news!

In this short program Radio RUC covers a couple of upcoming parties, the excitement of the russeminar and a little more.  We here at Radio RUC have also been given the possibility to hand out work for Roskilde Festival, so hear the show for further details or just go on a limb and sign up at

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RUC news 02/04 – 2012

Presenting this weeks RUC news! Listen about some of the parties, activities and a sofa for sale whilst getting your groove on with the following songs.

OK Go – Here Comes the Fire

Cinema Red And Blue – Walking to the Cemetery

The Jive Turkeys – B.A

Hope you enjoy the show and please don’t hesitate to comment.

Radio RUC



RUC news 29/04-2012

Here is the first episode of RUC news in English. In the future, news will be available in both English and Danish. Hope you enjoy and will comment as well as for further shows, help us share knowledge of our beloved student environment by posting ideas and news for distribution. Hope you enjoy and bare with us in our first go of a radio podcast.

In this show we discuss the tutoring experience and how to participate as well as the Galla on saturday.

Just to correct ourselves, it is actually bus number 14 not 6a that drops by østerbrogade 79.


Radio RUC