Radio RUC News 25/6-2012

Greetings fellow pupils!

Don’t miss this weeks fast but needed Radio RUC News!

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Radio RUC Drivel!

A bit of random nonsense about Trekroner, Eramus and other meaningless pondering.

Thanks to all the Portuguese!


Russeminar episode 2.

Day 2 of the russeminar of doom.

Clip 1: The mornings bring us new delights with people in the obvious hangover haze, anything can happen and as you can hear; we meet casper and hear about his previous night’s experiences followed by a crazy-legged man in tights spreading the joy!

Clip 2: A small outtake showing our concentration at a group activity to do with integrating next year’s international students with a great appearance made by Anne Löffler herself!

Clip 3 and 4: Party recordings giving us a detailed idea of what goes on and how people get along with it. The last 30 seconds a sweet red-haired lackey named Marie enlightens us about where she want’s to have her fun?



Russeminar episode 1.


The moment you all have been waiting for this Radio RUC episode will be the first of a row of shows to come with live accounts from the russeminar.

This episode features the departure and arrival, concluding with highlights from the first evening at kramnitse! So enjoy the drunken madness and everything is to be taken lighthearted.

Apologies to anyone offended and of course Morten got laid!



In order of appearance: Lewis, Anders, Morten, Mark.

Irresponsible interview no.1 (Carsten)

So folks, welcome back to another one of our fantastic shows. In this episode we dive into the mind of the 28 year old HIB student who enlightens us on topics such as Mush-pitting, our government , his love life and much more all accompanied by his poetic drunk voice.

Listener discretion is advised!


Flatulence caught on tape!

Hello all

While browsing content from our soon to be released russeminar special I found an amazing treat for all you eager listeners waiting for the actual footage.

Radio RUC proudly presents the first fart recorded during a radio session and don’t worry there is more from where that came from!



Russeminar Promo

So are you dying to hear about one hell of a great weekend, ease your pain with this small promo of drunken joy!